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A few sneak previews from Charming Disaster's 11-track album LOVE, CRIME & OTHER TROUBLE, to be released in late 2014.

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released 07 May 2014

Songs written and composed by Jeff Morris and Ellia Bisker. Recorded by Don Godwin at Phantom Center, Brooklyn, NY. Featuring Ellia Bisker (ukulele, vocals), Mike Brown (upright bass), Heather Cole (violin), Don Godwin (drums), Jeff Morris (guitar, electric bass, vocals), and Cecil Scheib (trombone).



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Charming Disaster Brooklyn, New York

Murder ballads and love songs involving death, crime, and the supernatural. A duo project by the songwriters behind Kotorino and Sweet Soubrette.

"Dangerously torchy noir cabaret and gypsy rock" -New York Music Daily

Recommended for those who enjoy duets about murder, auto theft, ghosts, carnival performers, con artists, wild animals, and sinister administrative professionals.
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Track Name: Ghost Story
People bring me casseroles
And pray for his immortal soul
They think I’m in widow’s weeds
But pity’s the last thing I need

I dress in black and wear a veil
To hide bright eyes and skin so pale
And make sure that nobody sees
The marks of love my lover leaves

Since the day they told me he was gone
Haunts me faithfully from dusk till dawn
Hear him whisper sweetly in my ear
Can’t you see we got a good thing here

Feel his fingertips caress my hair
Turn around and there is nothing there
Phantom arms around me sleeping near
Can’t you see we got a good thing here

When some people pass away
They don't reach the heaven that they prayed
Bitter about the fallacy
The afterlife turned out to be

They bitch and moan and hide your keys
Or talk to psychics on TV
They just groan and shake their chains
When I say my baby's on the physical plane

When I died upon that cold cold night
Made a promise never leave her side
Now she knows that there's nothing to fear
Can’t you see we got a good thing here

I run my fingers through her hair
She turns around and there's nothing there
Wrap my arms around her sleeping near
Can’t you see we got a good thing here

My husband cooling in the ground, the worms crawl in and out
My lover’s disembodied soul makes me so happy now
When they drew their pistols and they fired each one shot
How could I have imagined this sweet bliss would be my lot

I used to be an angry man, I wanted things that weren’t mine
At fifteen paces in the sand I left that all behind
Now my spirits rise when she turns out the bedroom light
I gently haunt my lover in the cold and tender night

They try to comfort me with platitudes
They don't know I'm in a real fine mood
There's no reason I should shed one tear
Can't you see we got a good thing here

Don't talk to me of “death do us part”
Between us we share one beating heart
Candles flicker in the chandelier
Can't you see we got a good thing here
Track Name: Secretary
Secretary says you've got a meeting
And the Secretary's always right
You don't know what you'd do without her
And you can't even remember
How you met her but she runs your life

She keeps the wolves away when you most need it
And you need it more than yesterday
Pencil in her hair is always sharp
But nothing's sharper than the look she gives you
When you try to make her stay

Secretary knows your weaknesses
A dozen roses' sweetness is
No more than she deserves from you
Tell her to tell you what to do

You don't know where she goes when she leaves you
Even if you did who would believe you

The shouting on the phone has gotten frequent
Hands are shaky and you need a shave
Secretary steps out for a minute
Hands you whiskey razors aspirin
And the order for your wife’s bouquet

Secretary knows your weaknesses
A dozen roses' sweetness is
No more than she deserves from you
Tell her to tell you what to do

The smell of smoke is always on her breath
Though you’ve never seen her smoke a single cigarette

Did you get the Secretary's memo
Pay attention cause it's gonna hurt
Secretary says she'll take a letter
Did you let her take the thing that's beating
Underneath your starched white shirt

Secretary knows your weaknesses
A dozen roses' sweetness is
No more than she deserves from you
Tell her to tell you what to do

Is she on your side or taking over
She'll eat your heart if you tell her you love her
Track Name: Wolf Song
The wolf in you speaks
To the wolf in me
It’s the language of beasts
We speak it fluently

Wolf tugs at the leash
Leads me astray
Leads you to me
Are we a pack
Or running free
How big our eyes
How sharp our teeth

There are no words
For what we need
The hunger bites and burns
The wolf heart beats

It’s not like this
For everyone
Our wolves run wild
They might just eat us up
Track Name: Grifters
My mama always said
You can’t cheat an honest man
(can’t con a con)
It’s not a lie my love if they believe you
(it’s not a lie it could be true)
So tell them anything dear
(just tell them what they want to hear)
And wrap them round your finger
And take them for what they’ve got before they leave you

I used to be a gambler
But the odds were never good
(not in my favor)
My lucky stars were never my best feature
(I rely upon my charm)
So I cut it out with cards
(and dice and betting at the races)
I was working much too hard
I was born to live the life of leisure

Let’s take this sleepy town by storm
And when the sheep have all been shorn
We’ll be gone just like the gentle breeze of yesterday
With your skills and my good looks
Those fish’ll be begging for the hook
Reeled in by our seductive serenade

The Bible says God’s creatures
All look out for number one
(it’s human nature)
This golden rule has been my bread and butter
(what you do, do unto others)
You may plan to double cross me
(slip a dagger in in the back)
But I’m sticking with this horse
If the con is long enough it doesn’t matter

I go by many names dear
And some call me a snake
(bastard cheat and saint)
To others I’m the closest of their friends
(I keep my enemies much closer)
When they ask about my living
(exactly what is it you do)
I give them no misgiving
Cause what I trade in is their confidence

Since we met I don’t know if I’ve fallen for you baby
Or if you’ve set me up to take the fall
Love is just another con
A fairy tale to lead them on
But together baby maybe we could love them all